Company forms from internal mechanism, lasts by culture. The power of culture is the continuous repetition of itself.

Core Strategy:Implement BEST selected product strategy, represent users'fundamental benefit

Historic Mission:Lead national brands, become the first choice of automated valves, create one of the most harmonious enterprises

Build an simple and effective win-win platform for our comrades

Create a stable and integrity-based investment and long-term income environment

Foster sustainable professional and profound empathetic talents

Community Slogan:Display your talent, take the challenge, serve the automation of human being

Common Wish:Let our business bloom all around and bring more benefit to our customers and comrades

Values:Integrity---Integrity can make communication much easier and more efficient
Humanity---The broader love you can give, the bigger platform you will play on
Incorruptibility---Only justice can form a win-win platform
Responsibility---Take the responsibility to make our life happier, it’s coward who is afraid of taking responsibility
Think win-win---To reach mutual long-term benefit, think win-win first
Be focus---Focus, dedicated, more professional than our competitors, the market will give us its recognition
Sustainability---Creation and innovation are the soul of enterprise, only continuous creation and innovation can make us BEST

Pursuit:Follow a sublime thoroughfare with willingness, harbor an pure admiration for noble morality

Behavior:Be efficient and effective on work, never be reckless on details

Working:Work for fun, for a complete self, for a stronger self

Cooperation:Work with team-spirit, put group first than any single one. No team, no us.

Thought:Thought decides where you go, angle decides where you stand

Management:Leaders are warm, rules are cold, systems are hard steel. Management is a practice of how to be better

To society:Be grateful, earn respect through hospitable work

Sales:Put users' demand first and find the right solution, build trust and reputation then

Service:Customers are always right, any prosperous business needs time to grow

Talent:True talents are cheap, mediocre men are expensive. Have both ability and political integrity are who we need

Growth:Be tough, take every adversity as a chance to improve us, no excuse for failure but method for success

Salary:If you truly put your heart in work, the return will always be around

Promotion:No team, no promotion, before being promoted, you need a successor

Saving:Save energy and resource, waste is the worst deed to our group and society

Commitment:Commitment is a name card for qualified professional, it is an essential element for success

Execution:No excuse, just do it

Startup:No failure for life, hold on and walk on

Coping:When coping with your work, don’t forget to ask,”have I finished my work completely? is that all? Can I do it better?”

Experience:Take the bitter suffering with smile, it is just training for being outstanding

Live:Live for reality, live for happiness, do not be the slave of money

Human being:We are human, so be a human first, show your integrity

Development:Under the guide of scientific principle, keep sustainable development. All this is relying on each one on this family group

Preach:Selfishness will only make you far away from success. So, be empathetic, be helpful, be grateful

Enterprise:Enterprise is just a platform for producing benefit

Living:Less give, less gain; more give, more gain; give first, gain later

Life:Every form of right or wrong are complied to natural law, do remember what goes around and comes around

Reputation:Honesty is the biggest investment, treason is the most expensive expenditure

Occupation:Every company has its own good or bad, after you choose, back judge will just make you a fool and lower who you are

Efficiency:Be fully prepared, the efficiency will show itself

Performance:If you want to be something, start from being ordinary

Process:Forewarned is forearmed .Good result is based on fully prepared.

Morality:Do not do evil things though they seems insignificant ,do not forsake good things though they may matters minor

Study:Keep learning and studying new knowledge, broaden your eyes and mind

Self-assesment:There is always some one out there who can do the things we cannot do, be modest

Success:Whether you are successful, it’s been decided at the moment when you decide

Paradox:Contradiction exists anywhere, embrace those conflict that can show your value

Cooperation:Be cooperative, you give us happiness from win-win, we reciprocate you with double

Emotion:Control your emotion and feeling, spread happiness and make others comfortable , you’ll be popular